“[A] genuine page-turner that leaves you pondering the blurry edge between reality and what’s beyond.” – Portland Press Herald

“From the beauty of the island to the ‘love’ story at its root, the author’s descriptions will make you feel like you are there in this “golden time” in history. I highly recommend this paranormal book that will have you immersed in the story until the end.” – Goodreads

“A fun read with an interesting story and great period detail.” – Dayton Book Examiner

“[A] classic whodunit … Cormier writes well and his long descriptive passages paint pictures  that hold your interest.” – N H Magazine

“A great read.” – Library Thing



“This was a great story. It really makes you look at your life and decisions that you made and why.” – H. Austin

“A really nice, easy read. Enough conflict and angst to keep it interesting, but not so much that I got uncomfortable. Just when I thought I knew the ending, the plot took a twist. Michael kept me engaged to the very end.” – M. Youngclaus

“I loved this book! The characters were interesting and completely relatable. Michael Cormier transposes these characters from our lives to the pages of a book with just enough emotion to bring [a] smile to your face and a tear in your eye without pushing you over the edge. A page turner from start to finish.” – Reesy

“Cormier weaves a tapestry of modern life, love, and the notion of duty and sacrifice in the cleverly titled “Convention.” – D. Famolare

“Great love story. Cannot wait for more books from this author.” – C. Wilson