cropped-cropped-quill.5.6.16.pngI offer several services to new and existing clients, which are described below. But first, something about what we all want to know as early as possible: what will this cost?


Please note that I do not have set prices for most assignmnents, simply because I need to fully understand the project first. Thus I will always ask to speak with you by phone, so that we may both be clear on the extent of the project. After that, we’ll discuss fees and costs.

Normally, I don’t ask for full payment up front, either. I say “normally” because some projects are so limited in scope – for example, a press release – that they’re easy to quote. But for most assignments I will typically ask for installments, the same way a building contractor would. A partial advance payment will be expected at the start of the project, then once that portion is finished and approved I will ask for the next payment before proceeding to the next portion, and so on. If you change your mind midway, the work product you’ve paid for up to that point belongs to you.



Copywriting comprises a wide range of services. Typically, it conveys a message to the public for marketing a product or service, but not always. It can be an internal corporate piece, such as a company newsletter. For this reason, a variety of writing styles is incorporated. For example, an email blast or short promo will read much differently from a position paper.

The following are the copywriting pieces I generally do:

  • blog articles
  • landing page content
  • short promos
  • email blasts
  • catalog content
  • brochures
  • newsletters
  • position papers
  • white papers
  • press releases
  • feature stories
  • reviews (books, movies)
  • book blurbs
  • speeches

Note that I often provide my own photography in conjunction with some pieces, such as brochures. For an example of my photography, click on Sample Brochure under the menu header Portfolio.


Ghostwriting is a whole different ball of wax. As the name suggests, the author of the project always remains anonymous, unless instructed otherwise. Many full-length books have been ghostwritten, from textbooks to autobiographies. Other typical ghostwritten pieces are blog posts, screenplays, speeches, reports, white papers, memoirs, even some fiction. Authoring credit is usually given to the client and not the ghostwriter. It’s lonely being a ghost, but also quite satisfying when the piece makes my client shine.

For obvious reasons, I do not share examples of my anonymous work. But you can get a pretty good idea about my style by looking at Why, Brother Why?, a memoir I wrote with Gerry Brewster. If interested, I can forward a sample from that book for your review.

Content Editing

There are two basic kinds of editors: copy editors and content editors. I edit copy, following AP Style. However, content editing is, admittedly, my forte. If you need help putting your paper, article, report, etc., in shape so that it reads concisely and nicely, without changing the general content and thrust, that’s what I’m here for.

Blog Posting

This is one of my favorites. Since I’ve written quite a variety of stuff over the years, I can honestly say I’m comfortable producing blog articles for most posting. Sports, law, the television and movie industry, music, human resources, horses, space and astronomy, travel – I’m not only comfortable with all of these subjects, I look forward to writing about them.

Check out my Portfolio, and then contact me via my Contact Me page in the menu, describing your need. I will get back to you promptly.

I look forward to discussing your project.